Philly City Hall: Day of Action – April 15, 2019

Here’s a first look at the sights of the Philadelphia APWU: Local #89’s – City Hall Day of Action. A follow-up article is to come.

Philly City Hall
The rally begins
Rallying up
Cindy Heyward speaks to Action 6 News

Vince Tarducci speaks
Look at me!
I’m here!!!
Mike Gallagher speaks
Senator Sharif Street speaks
Cindy with Senator Sharif Street
PHILLY APWU LOCAL89 President Nick Casselli
Cindy with Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R)
Retirees were also in attendance
Cindy interviews with Telemundo
Cindy with Congressman Dwight Evans (D)

Labor Walks

Sisters and Brothers, we in New Jersey have to get out and get involved in the Labor Walks to get the vote out.  The New Jersey AFL-CIO tells me that while they have had great participation from all the Unions, the APWU has not been at any of the Labor Walks.

Attached is the listing of location from which walks are going to take place from each Saturday morning until election day.  Please, Please join with me in the Labor Walks, find the one near you neighborhood and get out there and get the vote out.  We will only have ourselves to blame if our candidates are not successful.

A number of you attended the meet and greet with 3rd Congressional candidate Andy Kim at my office last week.  Let’s get him and other progressives elected.

Mike Gallagher
Eastern Region Coordinator
American Postal Workers Union

National Day of Action

Brothers and Sisters, as we have corresponded previously, our National Day of Action to save the United States Postal Service from the Trump administration’s plan to privatize the U.S. Mail, is scheduled for Monday, October 8.  So far it appears many locations have not coordinated a meeting with your Representative.  If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Below is the article from the APWU website on this rally which includes a listing of already confirmed locations where rallies are being held.  Also see the interactive map on the NALC‘s website by clicking on the second link below.

Please advise me if you have lined up meetings with your Congressional Representatives that are not contained on these lists.  Remember, the U.S. Mail is not for sale.  Mike

Mike Gallagher
Eastern Region Coordinator
American Postal Workers Union

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