APWU Clerk August 2018 Postings

Here are links for the August posting for regular eReassign for FTR residual vacancies and PTF vacancies. There are 742 FTR/NTFT residual vacancies posted per Steps 5, 6.a and 6.b of the MOU on filling Clerk Craft Residuals.  There are 553 PTF vacancies posted per paragraph B of the MOU on Filling Clerk Residuals.  It is extremely important that the locals keep track of their residual vacancies and PTF vacancies. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Lynn Pallas-Barber, National Assistant Clerk Craft Director.

eReassign Postings

(This information has been provided by Mike Wright)

There is a story on 21cpw about job postings on eReassign which can be found here , there are 5-6 FT positions available in our (South Jersey) district. We have not been informed that we are out of Article 12, however, if you have access and are able to put in for a position, apply. At the very worst, it will say you’re ineligible.