Notices of Public Meeting for SO Jersey NJ P&DC

There will be a Public Meeting next Wednesday,  March 6, 2024 at 1 PM (EST) at the Cherry Hill Public Library. (DOWNLOAD THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS TO SEE THE FULL DETAILS)

The recent announcement by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) regarding the potential relocation of operations from the South Jersey Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) in Bellmawr NJ to the Philadelphia P&DC in Philadelphia PA has sparked significant concerns among residents and businesses. While part of a $40 billion investment strategy aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and improving customer service, this move has already resulted in mail delivery delays and the loss of mail and packages. These issues underscore the pressing need for a thorough reassessment of this decision.

The USPS’s Delivering for America plan, while seeking to make the Postal Service more efficient and competitive, has raised doubts about its effectiveness in light of the current situation at the South Jersey P&DC. The facility review, intended to inform resource allocation and enhance customer service, has instead led to disruptions that are negatively impacting the community. Moreover, the potential decrease in employment opportunities due to this relocation adds to the local economic struggles, further exacerbating the situation.

Public input is a crucial component of such decisions, yet the short notice given for the public meeting on March 6, 2024, at the Cherry Hill Public Library, has left little time for meaningful community engagement. This rushed approach undermines the transparency and inclusivity necessary for a decision of this magnitude, especially considering the potential impact on the stability of current employees who may be uprooted from their base of operations, leading to possible job losses.

As concerned citizens, we urge the USPS to reconsider its decision regarding the South Jersey P&DC. While recognizing the need for modernization and efficiency, we emphasize that these goals should not come at the expense of service quality and community well-being. We call for a more comprehensive evaluation, with ample opportunity for public input, to ensure that any changes made benefit all stakeholders involved, including the employees whose livelihoods are at stake.

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An email to Congressman Donald Norcross’s Office from Business Agent Frank Bollinger on behalf of the South Jersey Area Local

Yes… we encourage EVERY MEMBER to express their concerns to the Congressman, as well as spread word to the public on how their mail is being handled. LET’S GET OUR COMMUNITIES INVOLVED IN THE FIGHT!!!

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Pre-Tour Overtime

(This is a combination of written emails by Mike Wright, Director of SJAL AOs and Julio Cebollero, SJAL Area Steward)

The latest nonsense to come out of the South Jersey District is not authorizing pre-tour overtime. Here are some things management will try to comply with the latest marching orders that we need to keep an eye on;

  • Article 1.6 (Management) and 7 (other crafts) performing our work, management loves to rely on Article 3 (right to mismanage) to claim “emergency situations”, short staffing is not an emergency, heavy volume is not an emergency, mail up-time is not an emergency, and finally NOT AUTHORIZING PRE-TOUR OVERTIME IS NOT AN EMERGENCY.
  • Do not let management solicit you into changing your schedule to avoid overtime, we’re hurting ourselves and other members by doing this. There is language in the ELM that supports our argument, just like there is language in the ELM to protect us if they retaliate against an employee who does not cooperate in these situations.
  • Make sure to keep management honest on their up-time scans, don’t scan the barcode early, if they instruct you to, inform them you’re doing so under protest and let us know immediately. There have been integrity memos send that I like to refer to even though we have many offices that ignore these.

Everyone needs to keep watch on this in their office! Management shouldn’t be performing any bargaining unit work.

Does management rights stated in Article 3 allow management to violate the other provisions of the National Agreement?


What is “emergency situation” as mentioned in Article 1 section 6.A?


Other crafts shouldn’t be performing clerk work unless the union is properly notified. Crossing crafts is allowed at times if there is too much work in one craft and not enough in the other. Again proper notification must be given to union.

If you are a Custodian asked to perform clerk work then you must move on the the clock to proper operations number and be paid level 6.

Also, you are entitled to do your work as a Custodian and get Overtime for that day.

Don’t be quiet. Contact your in office steward or the office ASAP!

Write a complete and thorough statement of what is going on in your office and get to union ASAP!

Don’t let management change your schedule to avoid Overtime. This not just a violation of your rights under the national agreement but a violation of law.

Remember, if any of this is going  on in your office, we need to be informed in a timely (14 days) manner. Don’t sit on this, don’t fear retaliation, and most important DON’T MAKE DEALS.

You have a strong local that has your back. Don’t be intimidated by management!