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The United States Postal Service is undergoing a 10-year plan to modernize its processing and delivery network, including the establishment of Regional Processing and Distribution Centers (RPDCs) and the repurposing of some facilities. This plan has already led to changes in mail processing and delivery efficiency, such as the establishment of the Atlanta RPDC region with a new facility in Palmetto and the repurposing of four Local Processing Centers (LPCs). However, these changes also bring challenges for employees represented by the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), including shifts in job roles, work locations, and schedules. The APWU is committed to protecting its members’ interests throughout this transformation, ensuring transparent communication, enforcing the collective bargaining agreement (CBA), initiating grievances when necessary, and advocating for fair treatment.

Here’s an excellent 14 min. video by “A More Perfect Union” explaining how Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is destroying the postal service.

NJ Congressman Addresses USPS’s Latest Changes

On 6 March at Cherry Hill Public Library, the U.S. Postal Service’s announcement of the potential relocation of operations from the South Jersey Processing and Distribution Center to the Philadelphia P&DC had sparked significant criticism and concern. The poorly timed public meeting and inadequate public notification had highlighted the lack of transparency and inclusivity in the decision-making process. False information regarding the possibilities of job displacement and the lack of substantial evidence to support claims of operational improvements further eroded trust in the USPS’s intentions. Calls for greater transparency and accountability were made to ensure that any changes benefit all customers, employees, and uphold the USPS’s commitment to serving the public interest.

New Jersey House of Reprsentative, Donald Norcross also showed his concerns by reaching out to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy through correspondence. (See Representative Norcross’ letter to Postmaster DeJoy below this article.)

Representative Norcross has also taken to the public on this matter. He wrote:

Dear Friend,

I have many concerns about the Postal Service’s proposed changes to the South Jersey distribution center and the potential impact it may have on delivery times, small businesses, and jobs across the region. From an electric bill or mail-in ballot to a lifesaving prescription or COVID-19 test, we all know how important timely mail delivery is to our daily lives. South Jerseyans deserve more transparency when USPS wants to make significant changes that will impact its services.

Wednesday’s hearing, which was not advertised with adequate notice and is occurring during most people’s normal work hours, is also extremely concerning. Holding one hearing in only one town on the proposal is restrictive on the public’s ability to provide input and is a disservice to our community. The distribution center serves a large region in South Jersey and our community must be allowed to have sufficient input on the proposed changes.  

Through March 21st, you can also submit an online public comment here.

That’s why I wrote to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy urging greater transparency and sharing these concerns. My team and I will continue to monitor this situation and work to ensure that mail services remain timely and reliable for South Jerseyans.


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Review of the USPS Public Meeting on March 6, 2024

The recent public notification regarding the relocation of operations from the South Jersey Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) to the Philadelphia P&DC by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has been met with criticism. The announcement of the public meeting on March 6, 2024, at 1 PM, at the Cherry Hill Public Library was poorly timed and inadequately notified, leaving little opportunity for meaningful community engagement.

The public meeting held today, at the Cherry Hill Public Library saw minimal participation, with only one customer, several representatives of local unions, and employees, including veterans, in attendance. This low turnout is indicative of the inadequate public notification and highlights the lack of awareness or concern among the broader community regarding the potential impact of USPS’s decision. The fact that the meeting primarily attracted individuals directly affected by the relocation further underscores the need for more extensive outreach and transparent communication from USPS.

One of the concerning aspects of the community meeting was the false information provided regarding job displacement. While USPS claims that there will be no layoffs or closure of the facility, the reality is that employees may be uprooted from their base of operations, leading to instability and potential job loss for some. This discrepancy raised serious questions about USPS’s transparency and credibility in this matter.

The impact of the relocation of operations from the South Jersey Processing and Distribution Center to the Philadelphia P&DC has already led to a decline in delivery service standards, as evidenced by mail delivery delays and the loss of mail and packages. If this trend continues unchecked, it could have serious repercussions for employees and customers alike in the future. Employees face the prospect of job displacement and instability, while customers may experience further delays and disruptions in mail delivery. It is crucial that these issues are addressed promptly to prevent further deterioration of delivery service standards and mitigate the negative impact on employees and customers.

Furthermore, there was no substantial evidence provided to support USPS’s claims of inaccuracies in reporting statistical information. When questioned about the logistics of operations and the real impact on customers, USPS was unable to provide satisfactory answers. This lack of concern or knowledge about the real impact of their decisions on the community is alarming and further erodes trust in USPS’s decision-making process.

Instead of addressing these concerns, USPS seemed to be attempting to cover up the reality of the situation with promises of updating facilities, equipment, and vehicles. While these may be necessary improvements, they did not address the immediate issues at hand or the concerns of the community. Overall, the handling of this situation by USPS was very disappointing and raises serious questions about their commitment to serving the public interest.

Moving forward, it is essential for USPS to engage in more meaningful dialogue with the community, address concerns regarding job stability and operational impact, and ensure transparency in its decision-making processes to uphold its commitment to serving the public interest. It is imperative that we, as members of the community, demand greater transparency and accountability from USPS regarding the relocation of operations from the South Jersey Processing and Distribution Center to the Philadelphia P&DC. We must urge USPS to reconsider its decision and engage in more meaningful dialogue with the community, addressing concerns regarding job stability, operational impact, and public notification. Our voices must be heard to ensure that any changes made benefit all stakeholders involved and uphold USPS’s commitment to serving the public interest. Reach out to your local neighbors, businesses and people of local government and Congressional representatives to push back for a better solution!

Below, you can view and DOWNLOAD USPS’s presentation

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