Latest COVID-19 Releases As Of: March 29, 2020

Keeping you informed of all the latest information released by both APWU National and USPS Headquarters.

Temporary Expanded Use of Voyager Card (LDC)_3.29.2020
COVID-19 SUT 16_EAP available__3.29.2020
COVID-19 SUT 17_Interacting with HCR_3.29.2020
COVID-19 SUT 18_Staying vigilant_3.29.2020
COVID-19 SUT 20_Health and well-being remain priority_3.29.2020
COVID-19 SUT 21_PO Box payment grace period_3.29.2020
Retail Standup Talk Temporarily Suspending RCE Shops__3.29.2020
DSI Guidance_3.29.2020
SUT Social Media_3.29.2020
MDC Bargaining Unit Telework_3.29.2020
Customer Retention Sites Telework_3.29.2020
Temporary Exception_Postmaster Performing Bargaining Unit Work_3.29.2020
HRSSC – signed__3.29.2020
IT-AS Expanded sick leave – signed__3.29.2020
USPS Passport Scheduler Change Implemented_3.29.2020
Retail Directive to District Managers and Postmasters_3.29.2020
AVP Letter – Retail Social Distancing_3.29.2020
Essential Service Provider Letter_3.29.2020
FMLA COVID entitlements_3.29.2020



Use of Masks: Surgical and N95

There have been many questions recently about the use and wearing of masks while at work.  There is no dispute that an employee can wear a mask at work if they choose to do so. A concern was brought to me in regards to the “N95” masks. The Postal Service, like many other agencies has run into a shortage of the N95 masks.  As such, the determination was made that they would issue surgical masks.  Surgical masks provide barrier protection against droplets including large respiratory particles.  Employees should be able to get surgical masks from their supervisors and managers.  The Post Office reports that Topeka has them in stock and they are available for order.  Two other things that all should be aware of:

  1. The Post Office says that in offices where they do not have surgical masks, but they do have N95 masks—they will issue the N95 masks.  Once they get surgical masks you can expect them to discontinue issuing the N95 and begin issuing the surgical masks.
  2. The Post Office has stated that an employee can wear an N95 mask that they procured on their own as long as they do so consistent with the management instruction previously sent out.

As always, this is a fluid situation.  Please continue to stay alert and vigilant.  Please disseminate.

Vance Zimmerman
Industrial Relations Director

COVID-19 Update: Latest Documentation Released

Attached are the latest memorandums, Stand-Up Talk(s), COVID-19 Q&A and other documentation to keep you properly up-to-date and informed. You can DOWNLOAD ALL DOCUMENTS below. Post the posters that are available.

Liberal Changes of Schedule & Leave_3.23.2020

Retail Standup – COVID-19 (DBE)_3.23.2020

Retail Stand-up Talk Practicing Social Distancing_3.23.2020

Maintenance Update – Use of Bleach_3.23.2020

COVID19 FAQs Q&A_3.23.2020

USPS_Public Health_Poster_8.5x11_Color_3.23.2020

USPS_Public Health_Poster_8.5x11_Spanish_Color_3.23.2020