Day of Action: Congressman Donald Norcross Shows Postal Service Support

Retail Post Office Bellmawr, NJ

Today, Tuesday, August 18, 2020, Congressman Donald Norcross held a press conference with local television and press to inform the public what is happening with the postal service. While many  people have been wondering what has been going on with delays in mail and service times not being met, it has been revealed today. Also giving details and facts was Vince Tarducci  and Robert Romanowski (Clerk Craft National Business Agents). With the new changes being forced down from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, these delays in the mail delivery and service have increased and caused concerns that affect all who depend on the U.S. Postal Service to deliver (i.e. mail, payments/bills, medications, checks, deliveries, etc.).

Congressman Donald Norcross

This is not just happening here in South Jersey, but all across America.

Clerk Craft National Business Agent Vince Tarducci

Processing and Distribution Centers are having resources (mail processing machines) taken away. Certain local post offices are having hours of operations decreased. The constant attack on jobs being fought by the Union brought on by the constant threat of privatization.

Clerk Craft National Business Agent Robert Romanowski

These are just some of the things happening on a daily basis. This stand-up support by Congressman Norcross is much needed. The public needs to know, their support is needed as well. The postal workers are the people that have shown dedication by going to work no matter the condition: rain, shine, sleet, snow, up to and after natural disasters and now even the COVID-19 pandemic. Stand with the Postal Workers!!

SJ Area Local Executive Board Officers and National Business Agents in support of Congressman Norcross’s press conference in front of Bellmawr Post Office
Congressman Norcross with SJ Area Local’s Robert Armentani and Frank Bollinger
APWU shows up in support of Congressman Norcross’s press conference


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