Just Say No To The Shaker Survey

Boycott all Surveys that can and will be used against us.

“An injury to one is an injury to all.”

(This is brought to us from APWU Leadership Northeast Region.)

There have been a number of inquiries received regarding our members being given the attached Shaker Survey to complete. It appears that the notice attached and outlined below is associated with this Shaker survey.

The notice to the APWU back in June was titled – ‘Notification USPS Job Analytic Study of Several Entry Level and Clerical Positions and Focus Groups’. In reading the survey it has little to do with what the notice stated and implied.

Our view is that its most likely connected with the upcoming contract negotiations…management wants to know how our employees feel…yea!

But in any event as we always say…Just Say ‘NO’ to this Shaker Survey and please advise our members not to participate.

First and foremost, the Union takes the position that the attached notification falls under prevue of Article 19 and as such should be revised.

The Union would also like to request a meeting to bring to the Postal Service’s attention to recent NLRB complaints and Postal Service guidelines resulting from those complaints.

The APWU, based on all of the above, takes the position that the study involves passing a test, as a qualification, to secure bargaining unit duty assignments, in accordance with BQnet.

This directly relates to wages, hours and working conditions, as they apply to employees covered by our Agreement.

The parties have agreed to joint Focus Groups at the national level, in the past, where the APWU has selected the participants.   The APWU request that all studies be discontinued, in the event they have already started, until such time that the parties at the national level resolve our differences.

The APWU is always cooperative with initiatives that are in the best interest of the Postal Service and our represented bargaining unit employees, consistent with the Collective Bargaining Agreement. We clearly  want to be involved in the reviews at the national level, if deemed appropriate.

We encourage non-participation.

What are your thoughts?

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