Step-By-Step Instructions: Checking Up Times

Just in from Mike Wright/Director of Associate Offices

Since we’re getting reports of questionable uptimes in some offices:

The easiest way will be to compare the A.M. Verification Report (will contain the mail up times) vs the VAP Report. You can get these with a Request for Information if you’re a steward. If you’re not, the original step by step is how I found an abnormality in an office I was inspecting.

•   Grab at least 2 parcels with tracking (preferably from two separate containers), write the numbers down
•   Scan or have a clerk scan under the PASS arm
•   Put parcels back in their respective containers (this also helps check in case management is trying to delay mail)
•   Make sure clerks that are throwing parcels are under 079 code
•   Make a note of when last parcel scanned day in question
•   Check tracking numbers following day on USPS Intranet, time you will be looking for is Sorting/Processing Complete
•   Compare that time vs actual uptime this can be verified by clock rings of clerks throwing parcels previous day on code 079

If you find falsified uptimes contact the office @ 856-228-8090 or email me here and it will be addressed.

What are your thoughts?

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