Carrier Coordinator Training and eCCC Crossing Craft Violations

(This information has been provided by Lamont Brooks, Assistant Director (A) Clerk Division)

It is very important that while the Postal Service is reverting and abolishing duty assignments that locals are actively pursuing our work.

When you can identify carriers or other crafts performing clerk bargaining unit work it is critical that we file crossing craft grievances and identify newly created duty assignments using MDAT.

I suggest locals monitor your District offices to identify clerk work.

They are hiding injured carriers at the District level.

All of these hours can be used to create new duty assignments under Article 37.3.A.1.

When supervisors perform work that is non-managerial  and non-supervisory it will normally more than likely be Clerk work.

As it pertains to Amazon, other than delivering the parcels, practically everything else from meeting the trucks to closing out the day is clerk work.

We can not sit back and give away work and especially work in an area of Postal Service growth.

With the increase of the parcel volume, Call Center type work will be increasing and their will be an expanding need in the local offices.

This work has always been performed by General Clerks, Claims and Inquiry Clerks and Customer Complaints Clerks.

You will need to file a grievance under Article 1.5, Article 7 Crossing Crafts, Article 5,Article 37.3.A.1., etc.

Please read the Goldberg SRT National Arbitration decision dated 12/8/16 for guidance.

The remedy is for cease and desist, pay the clerk bargaining unit for all hours worked, post newly created duty assignments (utilizing MDAT) and a make whole remedy.

I am advising you to take this action as the Postal Service will argue at this level that this is a local issue. If we are able to establish this initiative was the result of a national directive and we have documents to support it, that would be a different matter.

I will still pursue this at the national level.

Please keep me informed of any future information you have on this subject.

During your investigation I will bet that you will find out that the carrier is an injured carrier. If so, request a copy of the job offer, the carriers home office and interview the employee and their supervisor. Thus would also be a violation of Article 13 and the Rehab MOU.

We have to fight to get our work back.

Please share with your APWU local/state officers and stewards.

If I can be of further assistance on this matter, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I will try to assist from the national level.