PDIs 101

(This is brought to you from the Director of Associate Offices, Mike Wright)

We’ve been having issues with some of the newer employees not being aware of their rights, below are some basic rights you are entitled to under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA):

  • ALWAYS ask for a Steward for a Pre-Disciplinary Interview (PDI) and make sure their a member of your Union, we’ve had two incidents recently where management, in a rush to discipline an employee, have used Stewards from other Unions to sit in on our members’ Day in Court.
  • ALWAYS  contact the Union if you receive any discipline within 14 days of the employee receiving the discipline. After Day 14, it become more difficult to get the discipline reduced or thrown out.
  • ALWAYS make sure you’re on the clock, this isn’t the Red Cross and we don’t work for free.

These are just some of the rights you are entitled to, coming to the meetings will help educate you, and knowledge of the  CBA is your biggest weapon in fighting those who willingly break the contract.