Safety Ambassador Program and JCIM Training

(The information in this article has been provided by Mike Wright, Director of Associate Offices)

National has come out with a position on our stance on the Safety Ambassador Program which can be found HERE, I am emailing my Local Postmaster along with South Jersey District Safety and informing them we will not participate. If there is anyone on the info line in South Jersey who is a Safety Ambassador, please relinquish the position, feel free to blame me and feel free to show them this article.

Again, we are not participating in the “mandatory” now “not mandatory” JCIM training at the district, we are holding our own class on 4/11/18 taught by President Armentani and Vice President Lafferty, contact the office 856-228-8090 for details.

We are not participating in the Safety Ambassador program, there was a story on the national site on this issue that I had sent out over the weekend. Nothing has changed, the National is appealing the program itself to arbitration.

We are not participating in any SJ District Labor Management meetings or anything else containing “joint” ,“with”, etc. with management until the district decides to take our concerns seriously.