USPS Announces Voluntary Early Out Retirement (VERA): Part 2

This is a very important process/decision if you are considering this as a life option. You want to be informed as much as possible in order to make the right decision for you and your family.

Part 1 of this information contained external links with additional and ‘how-to’ information, for anybody interested. Here in Part 2, you are provided additional and downloadable information directly from here!

Included in this article are:

  1. USPS Organizational Changes as per their LiteBlue website.
  2. An overview for the Clerk and Mailhandler crafts as per their LiteBlue website.
  3.  A Timeline that details deadlines.
  4. A general explanation of what VERA is.
  5. A very informative Q&A document.
  6. A generic copy of the VER(A) package from HRSCC.

This information is to better inform you and keep you aware. Also, check the National APWU website out to keep up on what’s going on. A direct link is provided for you in the side bar or go to:



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