USPS Cutting 12,000 Jobs Nationwide; Longer Lines, Slower Delivery Expected

(This article was first reported at 10:47AM, July 26, 2017 on Seattle’s Q13 FOX News website)

Lines at the post office could get a little longer as USPS announced its eliminating 12,000 positions nationwide.

In the Seattle area, that means 16 fewer clerks on the job, but offices across Western Washington could be affected as well.

The American Postal Workers Union says if these cuts go through, you’ll feel the effects.

“The public’s going to have to wait a lot longer in line at a lot of these post offices. The phone won’t get answered, and the level of service the public has gotten used to could decline if these job cuts go through,” said David Yao with the union.

The Union plans to stage a protest at 4:00 p.m. Wednesday outside the University Station Post Office. They hope pressure from the public can help roll some of these cuts back.

“So why would you post something that was reported on a week ago?”

Simple… to show and prove that what we, locally, are facing is starting to show it’s changes publicly. This being a “nation-wide” issue is not something that’s made up. We must stay informed and make a stand before it’s too late. We will WIN!!!

What are your thoughts?

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