Eastern Regional Coordinator Update: Event Cancellations

Sisters and Brothers, in this article, you’ll find an updated Regional Notification on the SJ District events.  I am pleased to see because of our push back there are quite a number of cancelled events.  In the Eastern Region they are:

OFFICE                     Original Impact

Atlantic City                         5

Cherry Hill                           1

Claymont, DE                      1 PTF

Clayton, DE                         1

Clementon                           2

Dover, DE                           2

Mount Laurel                      1

Newark, DE                        1

Wenonah                             1 PTF

Frankford, DE                     1

Camden                               4

Mickleton                            1 PTF

Middletown                         1

New Castle                          1

Riverside                             1

Haddonfield                         1 PTF

For the continuing events I will separately update Work hour Impact Reports for those offices and the date, time and call in number info for those events. Below is a viewable/downloadable of the cancellation from Eastern Area Labor Relations.

Mike Gallagher
Eastern Region Coordinator

What are your thoughts?

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