Interest Arbitration Update


Retail Clerk Panel Members speak out at Interest arbitration, September 24, 2019.

As interest arbitration continues, it is now time for the arbitration panel to hear from the workers. This information comes from the APWU National website. Among the members, APWU SJ Area Local’s, Sharon Stierle (Bulk Mail Technician) is on the Retail Clerk Panel. All Crafts will have the chance to testify. Testimonials started yesterday and have continued into today.

Sharon Stierle, Bulk Mail Technician, of SJ Area Local #0526, sits apart of the Retail Clerk Panel Members and gave testimony during Interest Arbitration, September 24, 2019.

The employee panels will express to the arbitration panel things such as:

– daily tasks,
– safety,
– workplace concerns,
– what it takes to do their job effectively,
– as well as their dedication to the postal customers and postal mission.

More information about the testimonies will be posted on the National website later in the week. The National website has an online form you can fill out to receive the latest contract updates directly to your phone. Or, you can stay up-to-date by checking out Latest Contract Negotiation News.

Stay Involved! Engage! Stand United!

Level 18 Offices and the PMEOD Button Agreement

This information was awarded March 29, 2013 during the 2010 – 2015 contract. This was a Contract Interpretation that happened at the National Level. Level 18 offices, Postmasters/OICs cannot stay logged in to the RSS all day, they must perform a full 4-step closeout every time they’re not manning the window. We’re getting reports again of them being logged in all day. If they’re not performing the 4-step close out which includes a final deposit, all hours logged in counts against their 15-hour limit.

If it’s happening, let your Steward/Local know ASAP!!

Award Summary:
(1) The provision in the Q06C-4Q-C 10005587 Global Settlement which states:

All time the supervisor or Postmaster spends staffing the window
during the day will be counted towards the permissible bargaining
unit work limits.

applies to all time the supervisor or postmaster is covering the window, which, in the absence of a clerk, includes all time the window is open.

(2) The provision in the Q06C-4Q-C 10005587 Global Settlement which states:

Any office that is downgraded in level will remain at the bargaining unit work standard that is in place at the beginning of the Agreement through the life of that contract.

is subject to an agreed exception for an office without a clerk that is downgraded under the DUO initiative on or after November 21, 2010 to level 13 or below.

(3) Issues relating to remedy are returned to the parties for discussion and
resolution. I retain jurisdiction to decide any remedial issues that the parties are unable to

Shyam Das, Arbitrator

Address To Membership: Nationwide Reversions

As mentioned in this video, you are either watching, listening or have watched the President of NY Metro Area Postal Union. This message is to all members no matter what area local, district or region you belong to.

This fight is real brothers and sisters. Stewards, we have to stay the course and file any/all grievances timely. I know that our area has been having issues with RFIs. If your RFIs are not being fulfilled, that becomes an additional grievance (Article(s) 15, 17, 19, and 31).

It can not be stressed how important it is for members to report to their shop stewards, that management performs bargaining unit work (Article 1.6). These violations can not be left to slip through the cracks. Management is going to come down hard, and we (members and stewards) need to fight back just as hard. This will not be an easy summer, but we can win!!

In solidarity,

Tony Rodriguez
Director of Safety/Webmaster