USPS Generator Safety

Being informed is the key. Operating and working safely is number one! Here is a safety notification from Tom Molanick, National APWU Safety & Health Representative Eastern Region/Cap Metro Region Southwest Area Business Agent; PA Postal Workers Union.

After watching the news and seeing the number of deaths from Hurricane Laura that were caused by carbon monoxide related to generator use here is some of info that you should share with the field.

Having been a member of the CAP METRO JLMSHC I recalled an incident in the Virginia Beach area where the generator was placed outside but too close to the dock doors and the fumes were drawn into the building causing illness. Fortunately, no one suffered serious injury or death. This was after a major storm,

With the Postal Service hiring BME and AMT’s off the street and accepting transfers from other crafts and that they might have not received any specific training at Norman or on the job it might to time to review that the SOP when a portable generator is sent to a small office. There should be a guideline package sent along with the generators since these generators will be dropped off, setup, and Maintenance leaves and it is up to the small office clerks to handle it. Problems can be when they would bring the generator inside at end of shift or pull the cord in. The next day the placement of the generator might not be the same where Maint. set it up.

One concern would be the Maintenance Manager handing out work orders for the day or an emergency on Tour 3 or Tour One dispatching BMEs or MPEs to the office who might not have any training outside of the Mail Processing equipment at a plant before the more knowledgeable AMTs report on daylight.

Also, if the clerks are required to refuel the generator they should be aware of the precautions needed when the engine is hot and the storage of gasoline onsite where the office probably does not have a Flammable Storage Cabinet.

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Function 4/PASS/Clerks

Here are some words from our Lamont Brooks.

All employees should be exercising social distancing for safety reasons.

Employees should be considerate of each as it pertains to social distancing and alerting supervisors in situations where it is not taking place.

Vance secured a response on the PASS, but social distancing should be applied period.

Please share with the APWU local officers, stewards and clerk employees.

Local leadership should be addressing many of these issues based on directives already sent to the field.

If local management are not following protocol, elevate the specific issue to your respective NBAs first, for intervention at their level to avoid overwhelming HQ officers.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Lamont Brooks
Clerk Division



Stand Up Talk, Updated Manager Guide, and Return to Work Guidelines

Please see attached.  There is a new stand up talk in regards to Employee Privacy–COVID-19.  An updated Coronaviurs Diesease 2019 (COVID-19) Supervisor and Management Guidance dated 3/30/2020 and also a document on the Criteria for Return to Work for Employees with Confirmed Case of COVID-19.