Function 4 Codes To Be Used At A.O. Locations

This has been posted before, but since it seemed unclear, we’ve re-posted the A.O. Hour/Reason Codes. Now to ensure that Window Clerks can perform proper Function 4 “swipes”, here are the codes and reasons to swipe to these operations. This is to protect our jobs brothers and sisters! You can review and download them below.

USPS A.O. Hour/Reason Codes

Knowing what code to use when you swipe your card is important to account for man hours and job fulfillment. This is something that we stress for all the window Clerks during the General Meetings. Below is a viewable/downloadable PDF of these codes. It is suggested to print yourself a copy and keep it with you so that you may swipe the correct codes while working the window.

Another good fact to know about these codes… they are the same codes on your paystub.