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From the Desk of Robert Armentani
President, South Jersey Area Local – APWU

It has come to my attention that a Service Talk was given by management regarding the current financial status of the USPS and all the changes that need to be made so that we can remain financially solvent. I was also informed that this talk came with no explanations on how we are being impacted.

On Tuesday 7/14/2020 myself and Executive Vice President Ed Lafferty were asked to attend a meeting with the SJ P&DC Plant Manager regarding the removal of machines from the building and the impact it would have on staffing.

Here is a breakdown of the notes that I took during the meeting.

We have been informed that the SJ Plant will be losing 9 machines: 7 DBCS, 1 AFCS and 1 Flat Sorter. All will be out of service by 7/24/2020. The remaining DBCS machines will be expanded to 302 stackers. We asked about having two sweepers. This will be discussed further when the changes are set to be made.

There will be no more DPS 1st pass on Saturday nights and DPS will start earlier on Sundays.

Staffing for each tour will be changing and there will be re-bidding.

We were told that T-1 will be more like T-2 and T-2 will be more like T-1. There is possible sectional excessing.

The following will be needed on each tour. (Before the expansion to 302)

– T1 – 17 machines Sun to Fri and 5 on Sat (34 employees Sun to Fri and 10 on Sat)

– T2 – 9 machines every day (18 employees)

– T3 – 17 machines Sun to Fri and 4 on Sat (34 employees Sun to Fri and 8 on Sat)

Asked if PSEs will be moving to different tours and was told PSEs will not be moved to T2.

No reduction in PSEs at this time but will probably come later.

The approved Function 1 model is for 189 employees and we currently have 200 on rolls. Therefore, we are currently 11 employees over their approved plan.

Plan is not to excess from the facility but likely possible. We will be kept informed of any decision.

We requested that if there is a need to reduce FTR employees that it be done by attrition rather than excessing. We were told that this will be reviewed and may be possible.

Maintenance – Just with taking out the machines it will reduce workforce by 11 jobs

– Positions will be ETs, MPEs and MMs (not sure how many of each yet)

– Asked about open jobs to offset. Said there may be one on T-1

MVS – No affect on MVS at this point.

You can download this same letter from this link: President Letter for P&DC Bellmawr Plant 2020